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Don't waste time looking for a DNS provider and waiting for manual changes to be made! Use Appnor's Free DNS Servers for Google Apps Standard and Business Editions.

The service is completely optional - you can get Google Apps without the Appnor Free DNS as well. Plus, you can use the DNS without subscribing to Google Apps.

Each Internet domain (ex: needs a DNS server in order to work. It is usually paid for. Most of the time, you pay the hosting company or the domain providers.

The DNS server does not cost a lot, but it is vital to your business - if it stops working, your website is down. Changes in the DNS occur rarely, but are critically important. We offer FREE DNS so you do not have to waste time looking for a provider and waiting for manual changes to be made.

Appnor's Free DNS servers are located in 3 datacenters located in Europe and the US.

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