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Rack Space

1Gbps switch port is offered by default for connecting your server(s). It can be upgraded to 10G on request. Optional Dedicated Internet access is offered through separate 100Mbs, 1Gbps or 10G connections. You can easily get routable IP address, and even own AS numbers if justified.

Custom Price Quotes

We strongly encourage you to talk to our Solutions Architect before taking a colocation decision. Usually customers don't know the little technical details that set appart datacenters and colocation providers. Avoid a costly mistake by consulting us for free.

Keep in mind: We do not rent unmanaged colocation space. The equipment has to be fit for datacenter use. Desktops, low quality whitebox servers, and systems with no racking gear will not be accommodated.

  • Host any type of infrastructure (servers, switches, routers, storage machines) as long as they are datacenter grade equipment.
  • High density racks (42U, 10KVA), access to managed power distribution units, private networks.
  • Start with 1U and grow up to your own private racks.

Price Calculator

Rack Unit 19" 900mm
Energy Consumption Avg.
* Power - check the labels on your equipment and fill in the total power in Watts.
Managed 1G Switch Ports (optional, for private cross-connecting your own equipment) 5€
Internet Connectivity

Price per GB for Extra traffic:

up to 2 TB: 0.05€ | 2 TB to 40 TB: 0.04€ | Over 40 TB: 0.03€
Power Sockets 220V 1ph * One time only 25€ / socket setup fee
Total Managed Collocation:

Management Packs

Usage Reports i

Usage Reports

Usage reports and graphs for the allocated resources
Monitoring & Alerts i

Monitoring & Alerts

Uptime, latency, network, load checks, SMS/email alerts
Response Time i

Response Time

Time elapsed between an alert or request and our intervention
Issue solving time i

Issue solving time

Time in which we try to fix a problem, best effort
Network Firewall i

Network Firewall

Management of the network firewall rules
Application Firewall i

Application Firewall

Application level Firewall, such as mod_sec for Apache
Upgrades & updates i

Upgrades & updates

Security fixes, application and OS version upgrades, new software
Hours of support i

Hours of support

Time allocated to tasks, including those required by customers


4 hours
2 days
1 hour - initial setup

Basic Management Pack

INCLUDED with One Year and month-to-month subscriptions



2 hours
1 day
Once a week
3 hours - initial setup
20 €/machine

Full Management

1 hour
8 hours
3 hours - initial setup + 1 hours/month/machine
50 €/machine
Total Management Packs:

Support Packs


440€ one time fee


390€ one time fee


330€ one time fee

Support Packs Total:
Grand Total:

Product Information

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