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  • Even if we have in-house technical people, we still rely on Appnor to supply and maintain our infrastructure. Delivering emails is a job that has to be done with extreme caution, otherwise everything can fall apart within hours. Appnor proved their expertize over the years by managing our servers in a highly professional manner. We got our clients’ trust by never facing spam issues.

    Bogdan Iordache, Conectoo

  • Appnor’s datacenter gave us a professional place to keep our servers. Also, the fact that they are fully managed lifts a burden off our shoulders. Our IT infrastructure is now so neatly lined out that nobody experiences server downtime maintenance or becomes less productive because of old applications that slow them down. We had all the support we needed from Appnor in terms of updates, quick ticket solving and proactive attitude.

    Adrian Jucanariu, Reukema

  • Affiliate marketing means a lot of traffic and spikes that we have to accommodate. Scalability was the No. 1 reason why we chose to work with Appnor - we deliver millions of clicks every month and we count on them to keep our business running. So far it has worked out great!

    Dorin Boerescu, 2parale

  • I appreciate the fact that with Appnor everything is used As A Service. I don’t have to worry about servers getting old, hardware needing replacement or installing updates. Also, I can rest assured knowing that everything is backed up and we can benefit from disaster recovery. They take care of it all, and this lets us focus on our core business, the one that makes us stand out as professionals on the market.

    Paula Malcea, Inmedio

  • When you launch a new project very often you don't focus on technical scalability future issues. You kind of pray to have those kind of problems. In our case I think we prayed a little too much as we were in big tech problems before meeting Appnor. Appnor provided for eRepublik the scalable infrastructure that we needed to offer a professional online game service.

    George Lemnaru, eRepublik